Rights Requests

Copyright and Reproduction

General :

All rights to text and images featured on this website, either published or archived and unpublished, remain with the legal custodians of Bernard de Montreal’s intellectual property, who steward the copyright and act as coordinator for the publication of the author’s books and lectures.

Permission (copies & reprints):

All rights reserved. For questions pertaining to reproduction, please contact Copibec. Permission to reproduce quotes and extracts from published works by Bernard de Montréal must be obtained from COPIBEC (Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction). Copibec’s mission is to act on behalf of rights holders, i.e. Quebec authors and publishers who have appointed Copibec to manage the reproduction rights for their printed works. Reproduction refers to copying on paper using traditional methods such as photocopiers and fax machines and also electronic reproduction (CD-ROM, databases, Internet, etc.). This includes reprints of excerpts for new publications.

To submit authorization requests, please contact Copibec:


550, Sherbrooke West, Suite 510, East Tour
Montréal, Quebec
H3A 1B9
Tel.: (514) 288-1664

Fax: (514) 288-1669
Authorization requests: https://www.copibec.ca/en/get-permission

For copies, please provide:

  • Name of author
  • Book title
  • Name of publisher
  • The ISBN
  • The number of pages and chapters you would like to photocopy
  • The number of copies you will be making

For reprints, please provide the following additional information:

  • Name of publisher and coordinates of the publisher that will be reprinting the material
  • The specific material intended for reprint and page numbers
  • Country of the intended sale of the book

Fair Dealing for Private study:

The Copyright Act contains provisions concerning “fair dealing” for private study, research, criticism or review. It is therefore possible to reproduce part of a book for personal use [i.e. not public], in accordance with the principle of fair dealing. However, the excerpt cannot be a large [or substantial] part of the work and only one copy is allowed. Please contact Copibec if unsure. [Keep in mind that group study does not constitute private study.] (Copibec)

Publishing and Translation Rights :

For inquiries pertaining to translation rights, publishing rights, audio recordings or any other authorization request, please contact us at :archives@bernarddemontreal.com

Digital, Web content and Audiovisual

Digital :

Unauthorized reproduction even partial of all published and unpublished literary works by Bernard de Montreal, including digital recordings, is in violation of copyright law and can lead to legal action.

Web Content:

Copyright to all content on this site is owned by the literary executors of Bernard de Montreal’s intellectual property and is protected by Canadian Copyright Law. This includes placing files on a webpage/server (for profit or non profit), without seeking the prior explicit written permission of the legal custodians. Any reproduction of elements characteristic of this Website constitutes a counterfeit act against Canadian copyright Law. If you wish to share this material on your website, you may use a link pointing to the files on this website. This feature must be requested and authorized prior to use.


These rights extend to audiovisual material featuring Bernard de Montreal on any support (videos, DVD's etc.,) The reproduction, diffusion or sale of such material is strictly prohibited, without prior authorization.

Disclaimer: Bernard de Montréal’s legal custodians do not warrant or control content and accuracy of information found on external Web sites and at independent public events surrounding Bernard de Montréal’s work, unless authorized by the legal custodians.