Preserving a Legacy


Bernard de Montréal archives

Most importantly and despite his early passing, Bernard de Montreal left a significant legacy consisting of three published works, over one thousand recorded audio lectures, interviews, visual documents and unpublished manuscripts, which convey the intense personality and sharp mind of this unique individual. The efforts invested in the archival process of his original writings and lectures will insure that his pioneering vision be known. A central part of these efforts consists in preserving the record of Bernard de Montréal’s works, in their original written and recorded form, free of distortion or interpretation.

Promoting rigour in study, to better preserve Bernard de Montréal's works

The custodians of Bernard de Montréal's intellectual property wish to invite expressions of interest by liberating the rights on the author's archives. We therefore welcome expressions of intent from research institutes dedicated to the study of metaphysics, esotericism and parapsychology.

Ultimately, our efforts aim for the creation of a Chair dedicated to the study of Bernard de Montréal's thought and of Evolutionary psychology. Within this framework, the eponymous Chair would promote exploration and research on his thought. We would welcome the endowment of a Chair which would constitue a new space wherein reflexion and study of metaphysical considerations could be undertaken. This space would be dedicated to the application of Evolutionary psychology to contemprary ssues afflicting society.

We welcome projects on behalf of institutions whose intention it is to facilitate this process. We are hopeful that such an endeavour will allow for the existing upublished translations to become available as a result.

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Open letter to preserve the works of Bernard de Montréal

Interruption of publishing activities surrounding the works of Bernard de Montréal (dated March 22, 2015)

Dear readers,

It is with regret what we inform you of the cessation of all publishing activities surrounding the works of Bernard de Montreal. This includes the hosting of the author’s official email (, from March 22, 2015 onwards. Bernard de Montreal’s literary works will not be reedited. The unpublished works will not be published and the lectures will not be transcribed. The Website will be hosted for informational purposes only. The works will remain under the protection of copyright law.

As indicated following the author’s death, our intention was to make his works available by republishing the printed titles and publishing his unpublished works under the author’s publishing brand Integral Science Publishing. We issued the second edition of Beyond the Mind, followed by its French translation Par-delà le Mental, both available up until late 2014.

We wish for his works to be studied and eventually reedited. We also favour an eventual transfer of the author’s archives to an academic or research institute. Our aim is to make the works accessible to study, in accordance with a neutral and rigorous methodology. We invite expressions of interest from research organizations dedicated to related academic endeavours, to ensure the study and accessibility of these groundbreaking works.

Time has allowed us to consider his thought with necessary hindsight while assessing the implications of the digital age for publishing. We will favour a scholarly framework dedicated to the undertaking of a systematic and comparative study of new thinkers such as Bernard de Montréal. Until such a condition is met, we will maintain and protect the works.

Out of respect for his readers and audience, or anyone receptive to his thought, we have attempted to express the motivations leading to our decision. We have shared these on the author’s official Website, on the page Intent of this site. His audience’s correspondence since his death, testifies to their respectful support and patience throughout this prolonged period, informed as they were of the imminence of reprints for his works. Bernard de Montréal’s thought has left its mark. His public was eager to find answers to questions that modern society fails to address even today. The thrust of their individual search reveals a thirst to explore life and its mechanisms on a journey that would lead them to the crossroads of past and future, beyond the point of no return.

We also wish to thank the many people who, through their correspondence, have raised flags surrounding illicit copies of the author’s copyrighted material. Bernard de Montreal’s work is completed. His thought has been committed to writing and the written word remains. Time will bear its fruit and what has been accomplished suffices. His family does not wish to pursue what has been said and written, beyond the current efforts aimed at facilitating the stewardship of the archives by a responsible, neutral and independent institution dedicated to the study of new thought. We acknowledge the genuine expressions of respect from his readers and their continuous support. We thank you for your understanding.

Bernard de Montréal family

Disclaimer : The legal custodians of Bernard de Montreal’s intellectual property reject all responsibility for, nor do they endorse independent public events and Websites surrounding Bernard de Montréal’s work.