Beyond the Mind


Editor's Note

We will explore every frontier we can find, and we will return with more questions and less answers. History will repeat itself still again before we finally discover where we must go to progress, to expose the mysteries, to put an end to eternal repetition, and to finally evolve out of our precarious, experimental, barely fruitful existence. There are the few in every generation that tap into a light-world, knowingly or not, come back ticketed genius or insane, leaving behind a few crumbs of knowledge, after a partial glimpse of it, seemingly unattainable since it is not in the interests of the involutionary forces of life on this planet to give man access to his real identity, his freedom, his immortality.

In this brief introduction to evolutionary psychology, Bernard de Montréal shows us that this last frontier lies beyond the mind, is man’s source, his life-line, his creative pulse. Each man has access to all his answers, through the corridor of his own mind, which benefits his self, and the evolution of his ego in the material world. The author, by conscious channeling, describes this creative process, a totally individualized one, unique in the details of its discovery, yet universal in its principle. He is also advertent of the forces of life that are in fact anti-man and that lead him towards death, until he becomes aware of and begins to integrate the forces of intelligence working through his own mind, his last frontier.

Beyond the Mind is the introduction to a long and arduous journey; it is very difficult to discover one’s own mind, and even more so to discover what lies beyond it; but the ground only breaks once, and there is no return from self discovery, there is no loss after self knowledge, and there is no fear once ignorance has been destroyed.

Elizabeth Winton (February 14th, 1998)

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